Visual artist Eveline Visser lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is represented by gallery Cokkie Snoei in Rotterdam. Her works consists of paintings, installations and objects. The scale can vary from the size of a small painting to a large three-dimensional installation of 100 m2, in which the audience can walk or have an interactive experience.

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Eveline Visser
Keileweg 26
3029 BT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

phone +31 (0)6 1933 1276
e-mail evelinevisser99@gmail.com

With astonishing ease Eveline Visser transfers her world vision into paint. With perfect timing she interrupts her supple brushing with powerful accents. The transparency of the highly thinned paint let’s the underlying layers shine through generously. The white on grey and the white on white are applied beautifully.

As virtuoso as the work is, it is not the gesture but the content that is leading. Eveline Visser is mindful of meaning and interpretation in all her work. To achieve that she employs a wide range of dimensions and techniques. Her field of work covers installations, models en objects as well.

Using this arsenal she holds up our human shortcomings to us and plots to find possibilities to evade the dirty reality of friction and ineptitude. In the midst of all these skirmishes she constructs a launching pad towards an odyssey to the unknown.

– Jan van Heemst
art philosopher